Cloud In A Bottle
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Are you looking for a Quick Science Project?

The Fastest and Easiest Science Fair Project You Will Find!
 I've done all the work for you!

Hi, My name is Alexa and I'm a middle school student. Every year I have to do a science fair project and every year I'm looking feverishly for a new project. Well last year I hit a home run with one and thought it would be cool to share it with everyone. It's called "Cloud in a Bottle".

It was one of the best 7th grade science projects at my school. It's perfect for a middle school science project.

It basically demonstrates how high pressure and low pressure interact with each other in our atmosphere. It shows how clouds form!! In a bottle!

I don't mean to brag, but I scored a 95% on this science project!

I know you're probably thinking that there's more than one Cloud in a Bottle Science Project out there, why should I use Alexa's? Well, because I did the work already, got a good grade and put it all in one neat little report.  I've even included the note cards that I used to present the science project to my class!  The people who offer the other science projects on other websites never presented it to a class like I did.  My Cloud in a Bottle Science Project is written from a kid's point of view, that would be me.

If you look at the column on the right, I've listed all the reasons you'll want this report versus digging through 50 websites, compiling all the information, and then you still have to figure out how to present it to your class.

You will learn a lot about high and low pressure, and know how to explain it to your teacher and class.

If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with my Cloud in a Bottle Science Project, I will give you a 100% refund.

If you have any questions, please feel free to E-Mail me:


I e-mailed some people who bought my Cloud In A Bottle Science Project to ask them how they liked it.  Check out some of the responses I got below. I didn't use anybody's full name because this is a science project and it's mostly kids my age who bought it.

"I liked it. It was very helpful."

~George P.  Ponce, P.R.

"The project was great and my class liked it."

~Marisa T.  Wantague, NY

"That was awesome, can you help me with one next year?"

~Mike T.  Elk Springs, CO

"It was very cool, it saved me a lot of work"

~Deb W.  Plainview, TX

"As far as 7th grade science fair projects go, this was great"

~Jen D.  La Grange, IL

"Perfect amount of time to present it to my class."

~Maria P.  Madrid, SP

Pros of using Alexa's "Cloud in a Bottle" Report
  • Finish your science project in a fraction of the time it would take to do it from scratch
  • Step by step instructions how to do the Science Experiment
  • Notes from my own index cards to present to class
  • Safe, You don't need matches, that's right, No Matches
  • No bottle squeezing, that doesn't give you much of a cloud anyway
  • List of stuff you need and where to get it (Under $20)
  • Explanation of how and why the experiment works
  • Pictures of everything
  • Links to great sites that explain high and low pressure systems
  • As you can see from the picture below, I get a great cloud using No Matches
  • And last but not least, you get to see your class jump when you pop the cork to get this great cloud. (A clue as to how I do it)

Try to get this cloud using matches!

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